maximize the
performance of your ads

Advertise directly to the user base that follows and interacts with digital influencers in your desired niche, reducing A/B/C testing, CAC and maximizing ROI

maximize the
performance of your ads

Advertise directly to the user base that follows and interacts with digital influencers in your desired niche, reducing A/B/C testing, CAC and maximizing ROI

Be part of the future of hypersegmentation:

Assertiveness, agility and high performance


Increase the accuracy of your campaigns with exclusive access to our library of hypersegmented data from content creators, ready to be shared with your ad account.


Accelerate your results now with our library of tested and validated audiences, ready to be used in your campaigns and improve your performance.

Drops and Academy

Resources for your professional growth: documents, contract templates, video and audio banks, completely free of charge, with no catches.

How does it works?

How does it works? Get even more effective results from your campaigns with our platform, which uses first-party data from content creators and delivers highly targeted audiences for your ads.

This eliminates the learning and optimization stage, reducing financial losses from A/B/C testing, lowering your customer acquisition cost (CAC), and increasing your return on investment (ROI).


Start your journey

We are currently in the early access phase, providing limited invitations to selected advertisers.

If you are interested in maximizing the performance of your campaigns, getting significant results, and not being affected by the end of third-party cookies, this is your opportunity.


Hypersegmented audiences

Get an instant library of hypersegmented audiences of content creators.

Advertise to everyone who follows and interacts with these creators and boost your marketing strategy.



Want to accelerate your marketing results? We offer several bundles of audiences created and segmented by our team, so you don't have to worry about choosing the right creator or audience, just implement them in your marketing campaign and see the results immediately!

Audience sharing for advertising purposes is a 100% safe and authorized practice

Moreover, this is the new trend in audience monetization on social media.With us, you can be sure that your audience is being shared in a protected and authorized way.
Easy to use

To start using our platform, login and set up your account only once.


None of your data is recorded, and everything is done within the ad platform, worry-free.


No other company on the market offers benefits for content creators and companies as we do.

Study of leading companies confirms the effectiveness of first-party data
Through hypersegmented data, you advertise to the right audience.
No learning curve
Just choose your audience and advertise, without the need for multiple tests.
Increased ROI and decreased CAC
Proven results of 3 to 7 times more ads.
Validated Bundles
If you want to manually select the creator, use our validated bundles.
Library of different options
Get access to a unique audience library to create your campaigns.
Manual segmentation
Finding the ideal audience requires a lot of testing and causes stress for the advertiser.
Long learning curve
When advertising on social media, the learning curve can be long and challenging.
Difficulty in increasing ROI and decreasing CAC
No guarantee that the campaign will bring an increase in ROI and a decrease in CAC.
Audience fatigue
Many ads create audience fatigue, and it is necessary to look for alternatives.
There are no guarantees in the use of lookalike
Often the only alternative is to use lookalike, which is not always effective.


Test and validate your campaign and be one of the first to use first-party data

Our platform offers advertisers the opportunity to use first-party data collected directly from content creators to enhance their social media advertising campaigns.

By being an early adopter of this strategy, you can gain valuable insights into your audience and reach a more engaged and receptive audience.

By strategically using this data, you can maximize your return on advertising investment and achieve significant results for your brand or business.